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Trendy preppy coastal inspired teen girl bedroom on a budget

Over the last year, my youngest daughter and I have been curating her preppy coastal inspired bedroom on a budget.

Usually I handle the design process, this time I let Kelsey have total design control of her bedroom.

Kelsey’s boho chic room from the last house

Naturally she found some great preppy coastal teen bedroom inspiration photos off of Pinterest for inspiration.

Pinterest- Layla Shuffles

Along with the inspo pics, we had a beautiful painting gifted to us from a family friend and artist James Pratt, as the center piece for the room.

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First thing we did was sell her twin bed which brought in about $300 that we put towards this project, I call this “seed money”.

Kelsey’s room before with her new queen sized bed.

I was able to buy a queen bed frame off of FB marketplace for $50 and her mattress from Costco.

Serene Preppy Coastal Aesthetic

Kelsey wanted her room light and bright because it is a bit smaller and sits next to the woods.

Kelsey’s new bed takes up a majority of her room so keeping the room light and bright was important to maximize the space.

She decided to paint her room Winter White by BEHR after I tried out several samples.

Narrowing down the paint choices.

I wanted to add some texture to the wall behind her bed and also highlight the art piece from Mr. Pratt by adding some picture frame molding.

Courtney helped with all the math and the cuts for this part of the project.

I used this calculator I found on Pinterest and with the help from Courtney we were able to use this molding to bring my vision to life.

You better believe we messed around with the numbers until we didn’t have to do any fancy/weird cuts around the outlets.

Adding the trim instantly gave the room a more elevated look.


Kelsey wanted a white desk and I couldn’t pass up this perfect FB marketplace find that included the chair for $149.

Of course the faux fur on the chair seat was perfect to add even more texture to the space and give a bit more of an elevated look to match the preppy coastal aesthetic.

Keeping with the same white with gold accents, these were the perfect side tables from Amazon that have a huge drawer for storage and were simple to put together.


Still wanting to keep her room light, but adding a bit of privacy, Kelsey wanted white curtains and I found these semi sheer set on Amazon.

I hung them on these curtain rods and my plan is to use curtain clips to allow them to move more free, but I haven’t found the right ones as of yet.

Since it came as a pair I only bought one because of the tight set up with the windows and her desk, I didn’t want it to be too crowded.

For her wall decor, we found a three panel beach scene on clearance at Homegoods.

Kelsey loved the look of the monogram, I found this one on ETSY.

I also found this cute bow on ETSY that I had printed at Staples and bought the frame on Amazon.

Kelsey also found this adorable surf board from a local maker, Bone Yard Boards who can make custom surfboards.

I wanted to add some pop of color with the bedside lamps.

The sheets, comforter, and quilt all came from Target.

While the euro shams came from Roller Rabbit and the flamingo pillow from Sewing Down South in Downtown Charleston.

Rug choices and pulling the space together

The rug came from Anthropology and was a bit of a splurge which meant we had to opt for a bit of a smaller size.

Truthfully the colors and design were perfect and once we got it into the space I’m afraid if the rug was any bigger it may have overwhelmed the space and made it feel a bit smaller.

Down the road if we wanted, we could always add a bigger rug and layer under, but for right now it’s just fine pulling all the colors and tying everything together.

The importance of letting your teens design their space.

Like our primary bedroom, I want the girls to feel like their bedrooms are their safe space.

A place where they can go at the end of the day to unwind and feel at peace.

Walking into this room I forget that it’s a preppy coastal teen bedroom because it looks more mature than any bedroom I had growing up.

I offered suggestions and guidance, but truly took the lead from her and to be honest, this room has been in the making for well over a year.

While the overall cost by the time I added everything up ended up being just under $1200, because we did things gradually, when things were on sale, or as we had extra money, it was a way more budget friendly project.

The fact that she loves the space makes it priceless.

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