One last teen bedroom makeover before she graduates high school

It is true what they say, the days are long, but the years are short as we start planning for what comes next.

In the beginning stages of planning Kelsey’s bedroom makeover, Kennedy decided she wanted her bedroom done as well.

Although, Kennedy’s room in our last house was also one of my favorite makeovers.

Kennedy’s diamond accent wall was our first quarantine project.

Originally the bedding Kennedy wanted was on backorder, so she patiently waited for me to finish her sister’s room and for the bedding to come back into stock, which thankfully it did.

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I also decided doing Kennedy’s last teen bedroom would be perfect timing for the Spring One Room Challenge.

However, as timing would have it, the first week of the One Room Challenge, we were actually in Florida touring two college campuses for Kennedy.

The drive to and from Florida gave us a chance to iron out some details about what Kennedy wanted in her bedroom.

The Plan

Move her bed in front of her window

Sell her bookcases and instead get bookcases with more shelving

Choose a darker/moody color that compliments the bedding

Move her desk to look out to the forest

Create a reading nook

Better storage for her music

Decor that reflects her current moody/ eclectic style

Week 2 Of the One Room Challenge

We did move her bed in front of her window and we were so surprised how much bigger this made her room feel.

And since my heart was extra mushy after the college visits, I let her put her bedding on the bed also so we could get an idea on how we want to set it up.

Bedding, duvet cover, and curtains for Kennedy’s room.

This was also the perfect time to sell the bookcases, which meant I could use the money to purchase the new bookcases from Home Depot.

I opted for this unfinished unit and purchased three of them to stain in the same wood tones and figure out a way to make them look like one unit.


Now that we have her bedding we’ll be able to select her paint and we have a few contenders.

I picked up a few paint samples and I used the same paint sampling technique I used for Kelsey’s room.

Using contact paper to paint the samples makes it so much easier to try out paint without ruining walls.

We’ve already narrowed it down to two samples so I’ll paint those two choices on some bigger pieces of contact paper and make our selection shortly.

In the mean time

Since going on the campus tours and deciding to do this room renovation, it’s actually the perfect time for Kennedy to start going through and decluttering/ downsizing her stuff.

Kennedy realized real quick those dorm rooms are small and she’s not going to be able to take everything with her.

Normally Kennedy’s room is clean, I snapped this right before we moved things around.

Once she cleaned out her bookcases and we moved her bed, she found a bunch of stuff she forgot about.

We actually had a lot of fun looking back through all of her stuff and remembering fun stuff, I have a feeling there will be lots of that happening in the weeks and months ahead.

My hope is to give her a room to enjoy for this last year or so before she heads off and a space to look forward to coming back to visit.

While I can’t wait to do this project, it’s also hard to believe this will be Kennedy’s last teen bedroom makeover before she graduates high school.

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