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How to make a budget friendly subtle fall wreath

Faux florals have come a long way to help ease you into the fall spirit.

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When I hear the word “fall” it brings about a certain feeling. I think of cooler weather, changing colors, and of course it leads right into football, Halloween, Thanksgiving… you get the idea. However, the transition from summer to fall can be a subtle one too. This year I decided to pump the brakes a bit on the pumpkins and sort of ease myself into the fall spirit. (After all it’s still in the 90’s here in South Carolina.) The easiest and first place I decided to start was our front door wreath.

I am a sucker for purples, softer blues, and of course white. I wanted something that could last all season well to Christmas. Later in the summer I happened upon these florals from Walmart. First of all I couldn’t believe how good they looked for faux florals and second I was shocked at the price. The Lamb’s Ear was $2 a stem (I needed 8) , the Purple Billy Button 97 cents I used 4), and the Cream Sunflower $3 a bouquet (I used 1 full and a partial bouquet). All in total I had just about $26 in faux floral and used a grapevine wreath I already had.

Easy wreath layering

I started by laying the Lambs Ear down first on either side of the wreath. I wanted a subtle background that would break up against the earth tone of the wreath.

I popped in the Purple Billy Button to add the warm purple tones.

Last, I added the Cream Sunflower to join the two sides together, and that’s it!

I love the way the wreath came together without feeling too in your face fall. It’s a nice subtle transition from my summer wreath and is the perfect beginning to the fall porch that I’ll add to in the coming weeks.

Oh and did you notice, I also changed the front door color… again. I love how all of these colors play off of one another and coordinate with my outdoor pillow from Home Depot.

A subtle transition from summer heading into fall.

Be sure to check later in the week to see the final look of this transitional fall porch.


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