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DIY Fake Fire Embers

Give a realistic touch to your Halloween decor with this DIY fake fire embers.

A couple of years ago I was blessed with the opportunity to do the Home Depot Halloween Style Challenge. I was gifted a very large dragon and we had a blast decorating it!.

I created this amazing fake fire embers and didn’t save nor did I blog about it! (Smacking my head as we speak.)

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This year I have a super cool idea and decided to show you how I created this super cool DIY fake fire embers.


Black trash bag

Packaging tape

Orange outdoor lights

Plastic bottles (dig in your recycling bin)

Spray foam

Black Spray Paint

How to make DIY fake fire embers

Spread out your trash bag and use packaging tape to tape down the orange lights in a random pattern. Mix in plastic bottles to give dimension.

Using the spray foam, coat the surface. Depending on how big your fake fire embers need to be, you may need to add more foam to cover. Don’t worry if all of your lights aren’t covered.

Let the foam dry and harden. It will expand a bit as it dries. Once the foam is dry, coat, but not completely cover, with black spray paint.

After the spray paint dries, plug in the lights and enjoy!

At a distance people won’t believe how realistic the DIY fake fire embers look! I would recommend only using this prop outside since this isn’t tested for indoor use.

I cannot wait to finish this year’s outdoor Halloween set up now that the DIY fake fire embers are complete!

Happy Decorating!

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