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Kennedy’s moody boho bedroom reveal

As a parent sometimes it’s hard to remember the last time, but I’ll never forget Kennedy’s last bedroom makeover.

This week as I’m finishing up the final touches, Kennedy text me to say she officially a senior in high school.

Cue the tears.

It’s also the last week of the One Room Challenge for this Spring.

I almost forgot to snap a before picture of Kennedy’s room, excuse the mess we were breaking things down.

It got me thinking, as a parent sometimes you don’t know when the last time is the last time. Like the last time I picked her up and held her.

The last time she asked me to tie her shoes.

And we’re heading into another year of lasts, the last first day of school, her last year as a teenager, and the list goes on.

Kennedy was already going through and purging some of her stuff when we starting the makeover.

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When Kennedy asked me to makeover her room one last time, it was a big yes.

The room Kennedy wanted

More storage

Of course me being a constant over thinker, building the bookcase for Kennedy’s ever growing book collection became quite the undertaking.

Building this custom bookcase is giving way more storage for all the books Kennedy has collected.

While it didn’t quite turn out exactly how I envisioned, it actually turned out better and definitely adds to the more vintage boho vibe Kennedy wanted.

Combining three bookcases from Home Depot, adding a base, trim, a whole lot of stain, and several coats of polyurethane will hopefully give Kennedy a piece she can keep for years to come.

The view from Kennedy’s new chair looking towards her new bookcase.

She was also pleasantly surprised how much she filled the bookcase and still has a good bit of room left to expand.

Colorful bedding and curtains

For the longest time Kennedy had her eye on this colorful bedding from Natural Life.

We were able to keep her rug that complimented her new bedding and all the other decor really well.

Not only is it beautiful, it’s reversible and there are so many colors that it would make picking curtains, paint, and anything else super easy.

I also ordered two sets of the pillow shams on accident, but it worked out because I flipped one on the reverse side and we’ll save one for when she goes away to college.

Because Kennedy takes her sleep super serious we added a duvet in a complimenting color from Target and room darkening velvet drapes from Amazon.

Of course you can’t forget the amazing wall color we picked for her room to kick off the transformation.

Boho wall decor and lighting

We wanted to keep things pretty simple because we felt like there was a lot going on already.

You can find similar wicker wall decor here to what we pieced together or the pink macrame wall hanging here.

Even though she didn’t want to keep her hanging chair, I still kept the hardware and thought it would be fun to add some hanging macrame lighting.

Kennedy also has a love for music and has started quite the vinyl collection so naturally we jazzed up her music wall by framing all her posters.

To keep with the vintage vibe, I found a gold arch vintage baroque inspired mirror at Homegoods, but I found a similar one here.

Since the room was so dark, especially at night, I wanted to give her more lighting behind her chair and the best part about this lamp, it comes with a remote and several light settings.

Finished just in time for summer.

What better way to kick off the summer before your senior year than with the room of your dreams?!

My only regret is that Kennedy didn’t ask for this sooner, but at least she’ll have something to come back to once she graduates from high school.

I think my favorite part is that we kept things relatively simple.

Some of the furniture we already had, reused the rug, thrifted the headboard, bought only the record player stand , her chair, and a few decor pieces

She used a lot of her plants as decor pieces and I added a few more from the house because she loves plants and we had too many in some spaces.

Just rearranging the furniture alone helped to maximize her space.

As I’m typing this right now, Kennedy is already at the book store stocking up on some summer reads now that she has some empty space on her shelves to fill.

Kennedy and Kelsey both have their rooms complete and it’s so fun to see their individual personalities shine through.

Giving them their creative freedom has been so much fun and I hope they enjoy their rooms for years to come.

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