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How I reorganized a walk in closet with wire racks.

I hate wire racks in closets, time to reorganize this walk in closet!

I have been addressing the closet organization in our home over the past four years. I started out with our pantry, then the hall closet, my closet (my husband has his own), and now daughter’s.

A couple of years ago when the room was still just a guest/play room, I did add shelving to the end of her closet. The functionality of the closet organization and the amount of usable yet unused space needed addressed.

She has a lot of stuff, but a lot of space that’s not being used.

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The plan

Kennedy has a love of stuffed animals, and her closet organization needs a lot of space for folded items too. This means she needed way more shelving that she could actually reach. (Kennedy is vertically challenged like her momma.)

  1. Measure the space
    In order to determine what I would need for this closet organization project, I needed to know what kind of space I’m working with.
  2. Pick a system
    There are a ton of different closet storage organizing systems that not only range in material, but also range in price. I want the system to have some versatility as her needs change, but also can hold up to teenage wear and tear.
  3. Map it out
    I broke out my fancy design software and took to Home Depot to find the closet organization products that will work with this space.
Yes I’m fancy

Demo day!

By far one of my most favorite, but one of the messiest of any organization project is pulling everything out of the space you’re organizing. Needless to say, it looked like the contents of Kennedy’s closet blew up in her room.

Paint and repair

Once everything was out of the closet, I decided to patch all the holes and paint all the walls and trim. The closet looked so much better just by taking this step.

Assemble the closet system

Initially I chose three main pieces for the closet organization, but when I started unboxing I quickly realized, my calculations were off. On top of that, one box for the piece I ended up returning, was damaged during shipping. As Bob Ross said, “happy little accident.” I love the system I chose from Home Depot because it’s adjustable as Kennedy’s needs change in her walk in closet.

These are the main pieces I selected from Home Depot.

How it all came together

Overall I am extremely happy with how much better I am able to store Kennedy’s belongings. Things are not only more accessible, but they are way more visually appealing. I did end up flipping the double hanging and the long hanging, which was easy to do with the system I bought. To add more shelving I also moved some of the pieces around and added my own top shelf.

Two tiered closet hanging system with clothes hung in rainbow order.

Since I was able to maximize the space moving vertical in the closet, I was also able to eliminate some bulky pieces she no longer needed. This in turn freed up a lot of space in Kennedy’s closet.

Walk in closet with short and long hanging clothing items on the left. Shoe rack on the floor with multiple pairs of shoes organized. Shelving to the right with folded clothing items and books.

Overall, Kennedy’s closet makes more sense and you can actually walk in! And… she has room to expand.

Hanging clothes on the left and straight on in the picture are hanging bags, folded clothing, and books. Hanging on the wall to the right are Mickey Mouse headband ears.

Hands down the best part, seeing Kennedy’s face when she saw her completed closet. Before, she couldn’t see or get to half of her stuff. Now with the new closet system, not only can she reach the important things, she has a better shot at keeping her closet organized.

Investing in better closet organizational pieces maximized this space. In turn meant Kennedy didn’t have a lot of stuff per se, but just a space not living up to its best potential. All in total I spent just under $320, which is really good if you’ve ever priced out a custom closet (we’re talking thousands of dollars in comparison).

Now I’m ready to take on my next victim, I mean closet.


Brooke Cribbs of Cribbs Style sitting in front of the complete walk in closet.

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