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A hot cocoa bar with a vegan twist you won’t want to miss.

Just because you’re vegan, does not mean you have to give up some holiday favorites like hot cocoa.

My husband has been vegan for almost two years now. In support of his dietary change, have been trying to find recipes which not only are vegan, but taste just as delicious. Since it’s the holiday season I set out to find a hot cocoa recipe.

The only difference between regular hot cocoa and vegan is vegan hot cocoa doesn’t contain milk powder.

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I found this amazing vegan hot cocoa recipe from Sophia of Veggies Don’t Bite. I made a video showing how I made it.

In the recipe it recommends using three tablespoons full of the mixture, but we found it to be really sweet. I would recommend one, tasting, and adding maybe a second scoop of the mixture.

Large metal serving bowl with individual glass containers containing the ingredients to make a vegan hot cocoa. Behind the ingredients are small pine trees.
We offer both vegan and non vegan toppings for the Vegan hot cocoa.

Since this recipe is vegan, we added the hot cocoa powder to warmed very creamy oat milk. We have taste tested several non dairy milk alternatives and oat milk is by far the best. Which is perfect especially for those with nut allergies since most non dairy is either almond milk or cashew nut.

**Coconut is considered a fruit, but there is much debate if it’s truly a tree nut. If you have any nut allergies, I would recommend using whatever milk you are comfortable with.**

Small white Santa face mug contains peppermint candy spoons sitting on top of a personal sized hot cocoa mix in a glass jar. Surrounded by the vegan hot cocoa mix, a made cup of hot cocoa. Vegan marshmallows are in a jar behind to the right and a can of non dairy cream whip next to it.

Topped with vegan marshmallows, non dairy whipped cream, and dark chocolate chips, this drink is a desert in and of itself. To add an extra holiday twist, I found these peppermint spoons from the dollar tree. (See what I did right there.)

I set up the cutest little corner cocoa bar with this beverage cooler from Decor Steals. I used Santa mugs, similar ones to mine are found here, and I placed all the ingredients in various mason jars I already have in our home. To keep the whipped cream cool, I slipped them into a Yeti can holder (remove the plastic top first).

Snow man in a red coat and brown top hat stand next to a metal beverage stand. Hanging off the front of the stand is a towel that reads "Merry Christmas Y'all". In the bottom of the beverage stand is a brown basket with white Santa face mugs. The top fo the beverage stand is a large galvanized tub where all the vegan hot cocoa powder and toppings are displayed.

I also had some smaller mason jars perfect for putting together a personal sized hot cocoa, added some of the vegan marshmallows and chocolate chips, and a cute little note.

Hand dropping in dark chocolate chips into a small glass jar of hot cocoa mix and vegan marshmallows.

These would make a cute little gift for a special someone.

Even though this vegan journey has me reading a lot of labels and doing a lot of research, it’s worth it because it’s important to the people in my life.

Wide shot of the kitchen area where the snowman and hot cocoa bar are in the corner to the right. To the left is a corner shot of the table, with a wood box on top of the table that holds small bottle brush trees and glass candle sticks. Behind the table Christmas cards hang from a string with clothes pins and all are attached to the plantation shutters on the window.

Happy Holidays!

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