The solution isn’t storage.

When we bought our first home we complained that the master closet was so small and we could never find anything. We hated not having walls upon walls of kitchen cabinets. The list went on and on. Naturally when we built the next house, we went LARGE.

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Our first house

The closets were bigger, the cabinets were vast, and that basement… wow! Want to know what happened? Suddenly the closets weren’t as big as we once believed, the kitchen started feeling cramped, and that dreamy basement, you guessed it, filled and frustrating.

Our “dream” house

A job changed prompted us to move from Ohio to South Carolina. In our searches, we quickly discovered that where we were moving, below ground basements were not a thing.  I’m not a fan of attics because of their awkwardness of getting things in and out as well as the extreme temperature shifts; my panic alarm started pinging. Oh and the place we were renting, there was no garage to be found. After a few deep breaths, we took a long hard look at what would be coming with us. Moving 5 states is expensive anyway when you pay by the pound, keeping it as light as we could was extremely important.

The initial purge and move had the hubby and I wondering how in the world we acquired so much stuff?!?  The space we rented in South Carolina that first year was a third of the house that we left in Ohio. The girls had to share a room, which also meant their stuff had to share a room. Thankfully the space did have storage under the stairs and a closet space on the porch. To make things feel less cramped, we decided to only unpack items that were a necessity.

Being in our quaint space didn’t allow for many purchases; there was no place to put much else. We also learned that we had to be very creative with how we used our space. Items were not just decorative, they were functional. When the time came to buy our now house, we had a very serious discussion. We determined that more livable space was way more important than storage space. After all, we knew what happened before and that first year we did pretty good with the limited space.

Many of you reading this may not be planning on a move, but chances are you are probably frustrated with a lack of storage. Or knowing you have something, but you can’t quite remember where it’s located. Or even finding something you totally forgot you had. Think of this, maybe the problem isn’t that you don’t have enough storage, but more in line with the fact that you probably have too much stuff.  When we did the move to the new house, we questioned the items that were not considered necessities the initial unpacking. We let go of things that we never imagined we would, but two years later and there isn’t anything that I regret not having in our space.

Over the next few weeks WE’RE going to have a very serious discussion. We’re going to address the “some day I may need this”. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and get to work! At that end of it all, I hope that we are able to breathe new light into your space.


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