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Easy Garage Organization for Any Home

What once was an awkward useless corner in my garage, is now prime time organized gold .

**This post is a sponsored paid partnership with The Home Depot, but the opinion of the products are my own.**

Every time I walked into the house from the garage, I felt like the angled space under the stairs was begging to be used differently. Since we were getting ready to start school sporting practice, I felt this corner could help corral all my kiddos sports gear. Not only does The Home Depot have a great selection of storage solutions, they also have a sale running for up to 30% off of select storage items! Talk about perfect timing considering all that we’ve spent getting ready for the new school year.

The crazy awkward corner in our garage.

Picking the right storage shelving and containers.

Since the space is angled and the main path to the back door, I couldn’t use anything that was super bulky or too tall. I also wanted to have the ability to move things around if I needed. As for the containers I wanted a mixture of style and function. I picked up a large door mat to anchor the space and provide a spot for the kids to take off their sports cleats.

I found the perfect organizing solutions at Home Depot.

Step 1- Purge and declutter

Any good organizing project starts with clearing out the space and all of its contents. I returned the pool bags to their normal resting spot and donated the items that no longer worked in the space.

Step 2- Build Shelving

The steel shelves themselves were a breeze to put together and took about 10 minutes for each. I started by installing the bottom shelf. To make sure I had enough clearance, I placed the wooden crate on the bottom shelf before I installed the middle shelf. Finally I added the top shelf and we were good to go! In the space of the middle shelf I added some clear storage containers for things like extension cords and extra light bulbs.

The flexibility to make the shelves how I needed them were a huge bonus.

Step 3- Add hanging space

The Rubbermaid Fast Track System is one of the most versatile things we use in our garage. As our needs change we simply rearrange the hooks and we’re good to go. This also helps to get things off the ground and makes it easy to see everything is accounted for.

Getting big items up higher helps to clear valuable floor space.

**Organizing hack- Using a garden hose holder, I created a space to hold the girls shoes. One of my most favorite things to do is use things for something other than their intended purpose.

I love how well everything coordinates together.

Step 4- Touches of Home

I added the large door mat because the last thing I want is for dirty cleats to make their way into the house. Then again I don’t want their socks to get any more dirty from the garage floor. To give it a real home feel, I added a cute sign because after a long day of work and running kids around, it sure is nice to be home.

I cannot believe that this is the same space!

All it took was a little bit of a vision and some great products I found at The Home Depot, to make this once awkward space usable for my family. Now the girls can grab their equipment when it’s time to go and they know where to put their stuff when they get home. I also have a place to put the overflow of bulk items from inside the house, and we can see where some less frequently used items are stored in the Sterilite latching containers.

The best part is these items are so versatile, we’ll be able to use them in other areas of our home should our needs change in the future. The shelving unit and storage containers transformed what once was a useless space, into a fully functional organized dream.

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Products Used from The Home Depot

30 in. H x 23.25 in. W x 13.375 in. D 3 Shelf Steel Shelving Unit in Black
Large Weathered Wooden Crate
Sterilite 18 Qt Latch Storage
Rubbermaid Fasttrack System

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