You Gotta Know the Why

Lately I have been asked a lot why I decided to write a blog about organizing.  I should also begin that when I’m asked what I blog about I see people cringe and appear repulsed almost instantaneously. I get it, really I do, but I figured this was a good time to give you a little of my back story as we’re getting to know one another. Bottom line, I love to organize, I always have. When I was younger I was OBSESSED with my school planners, color coding, planning my school projects; the whole nine yards.  As I’ve gotten older, organizing has taken on a whole new meaning.  First when we had our own place, and again when we started having kids. Nothing felt better than pulling everything out, sorting through it, and purging it to my little hearts content.  When cleaning up everything had it’s “home” where it belonged. *loving sigh*

When we bought our first house we thought we were clean and organized people, until we put that house on the market. We were rookies in the home selling process and had an emotional investment in trying to get the best price for that house.  Really we loved that house, we just wanted something a bit bigger for our growing family. It sat there for nearly a year and with over 90 showings, I kid you not- 90. (More about that too one day.) We became experts at getting a house “show ready” within a moments notice. Have you ever tried to keep your house that spotless and tidy with 2 children under 2 for nearly a year? You better believe that you pick up some strategies that become engrained even to this day.

The other reason I love to organize is more than just organizing the house.  As I stated recently, I love to stay organized with the bills and paperwork in general. Having worked for the government for the past 12 years, I know the importance of having vital information right at your finger tips.  Hours of searching for bills, receipts or important paperwork can be taken care of by having a great system in place. Adding children to the mix created more important paperwork that needed to be dealt with, and the last thing I wanted to do was have them miss out on a field trip because I lost their paperwork.

Time management is another thing that falls into the realm of organization. The number one reason why people say they don’t do something is that they “don’t have the time.” Truth is you do, it’s just how you choose to spend your time is the real reason we don’t have time when we need it. Reading the book “A Maker’s Guide” by Amy Howard she says “Statistically, Americans spend an average of three hours per day on social media. In a decade you will have lost one year and three months of your life to nothingness. Where would you be right now, if you were allowed to take a year off and focus on your dream?” Definitely something to think about…

I want you to do this, take a look at your surroundings  and list out the areas that are a bother.   Give yourself a goal of a month to do at least one thing on that list. If you get it done sooner, great! Then you can mark it off and move to the next thing. What is an activity that you’ve been wanting to do, but you just could not figure out a time to work it into your schedule? Mine was working out and eventually I had to suck it up and add it to the beginning of the my day.  Sitting down and planning out your schedule will allow you to live life with intent and purpose. Breaking things off into manageable pieces, things become less overwhelming.  Looking at the broad picture it’s hard to even imagine it any other way, but when you focus on smaller chunks, before you know it, you’ve tackled it all!

People ask me why I organize, my question to them is “why not?” I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to spend hours on end trying to find something,  deal with the frustration of not being able to put something away, or not have enough time to get what I need to get done. We owe it to ourselves to have a space that doesn’t give us panic attacks. I’ve seen it too many times where people are overwhelmed in their spaces, be it at home or even at work.  For me personally I feel a sense of peace when I’m in an organized space or when I feel like I have a really good grasp on my schedule. It allows me freedom to devote to other things like spending quality time with my family and maybe even adding on another activity, that otherwise I would not be able to do.  Chaos breeds chaos and for me it’s just not a good feeling. There are very few things in our lives that we have much control over, but the things that we do have control over have the greatest potential to be positive. Just know that you CAN do this, I believe in you.

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