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Over the moon about under the sink!

One of the most asked questions I have received, has to do with that space under the sink, namely in the bathroom. So naturally after I tackled my closet and drawers, I kept the momentum going and moved on to the bathroom. Now let me first start by saying that I am horrible at remembering to catch the absolute before picture in most projects.

Professional Organizer Charleston SC
Oops, almost cleared out and almost forgot the before picture

Let’s close our eyes and pretend that this space was filled, like OMG you’re an organizer what is your problem- filled. What can I say except I have an obsession with lotion and tiny samples, but that is all about to change.

Professional Organizer Charleston SC
Say whaaaa?!?!

Whomp there it is…. Everything was pulled out and gee whiz I did not realize how much lotion I really did have. Oh and nail polish pulled a close second. I also realized that I am a sucker for samples and small containers, which I rationalized it as “this would be perfect for traveling,” but I am no frequent flyer.

While it appeared that I was channeling my inner “Silence of the Lambs” I really needed to get the lotion situation under control. (The head scratcher went adios, because it doesn’t feel the same when you do it yourself.)

Professional Organizer Charleston SC
Lotions and potions- the little bag behind the basket is hair extensions. (shhhh our little secret)

I bought a bunch of one particular scent that I LOVED because, gasp, they were doing away with it. No, just no! I apparently felt it my mission to buy as much as I could. Problem? I opened the container after sitting unopened for I don’t know how long, and, double gasp, it didn’t smell the same to me. I also had an embarrassing amount of bottles with what wouldn’t even be enough to lotion my pinky. After I weeded out the bulk of empty bottles and scents I just didn’t love anymore, I made a pact to myself to not buy anymore lotion until the lotion I currently had was gone. Including the travel sizes. Even if I have to go a day without lotion, the world will not end. I may look scaly, but that’s ok- I’ll just wear pants.

I love using containers for something different than their intended purpose, enter my nail kit. The plastic container was once the inside of an insulated lunch box. I loved it because it was sturdy hard plastic and it had cut outs on the side for handles.

Professional Organizer Mount Pleasant, SC
Nail Kit

Inside the nail kit I have a grab and go of everything I would need to do mine or my mini’s nails: nail polish, clippers, polish remover, those toe separator thingy’s (technical I know), and a nail file. By keeping all the like items in one location, there’s no more searching, it’s all together. When I’m done painting, I can simply slide it back into the cabinet. This was something that I already had, but I did get rid of the yucky colors and the polish that had seen better days.

I continued throwing out partially used items, makeup that was broken, etc until I was left with just my essentials. Before I put anything back I cleaned the cabinet with cleaner.

Professional Organizer Mt. Pleasant SC
Cleaned and Cleared

Cabinet storage has come a LONG way in my opinion. I am a huge fan of the over the door storage not only for keeping the frequently used items close, but also for utilizing every inch of space.


Cribbs Style Clutter Consultant

On one side of the door I have my hair brushes, face lotion, deodorant, hairspray, and other hair products as well as my clips.

Professional Organizer South Carolina
Hair Ties and Head Bands

The other door holds my hair ties, hair pins, and headbands. Thank goodness for the Target Hot Spot for the cute little bins.


This two drawer system I love because the bins can slide in and out if need be to access the items in the back. I have two, one that has the every day stuff in, and the other that keeps my travel case and any extras.

Cribbs Style Professional Organizer

Since I don’t have a true “before” picture, I hope that you can still enjoy the “after”. We each have our vices. For some it’s different types of shampoo, or hairspray/hair products and for me it was lotion. Be careful about buying large quantities of items, as they may not be the same by the time you get around to using them. Or your taste may change. If you find that that curl booster didn’t do what you wanted, don’t keep it, trust me. Collecting dust and taking up space won’t erase what you paid for something that didn’t work.

Have a happy weekend and happy organizing!

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