Pantry Party

I’ll never forget my first pantry in the first house we purchased. *sigh*  I still drool over it to this day because of the space and storage that pantry provided. Every house since that time has had to measure up, but let’s just say that not all pantry’s are created equal. If you have a large pantry, small pantry, or even no pantry at all, there are solutions to maximize your space.

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Selling Your Home While Trying to Keep Your Sanity!

Once upon a time we bought our very first house when I was minutes away, not really, from delivering our very first child.

Cribbs Style - Professional Organizer
Love at First Showing

It was everything we had hoped it would be and was enough of a blank slate to allow us to put on our own personal touches. We brought not one, but two babies into that house and when the time came to put it on the market, it was NOT an easy decision. We sat down with an agent and we discussed various things, but we were so emotionally invested in the house that the information fell on deaf ears. For the next 11 months and 90 showings later, yes 90, we FINALLY sold.
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