DIY on the Fly Friday

Paint. It’s one of the most inexpensive and most impactful DIY projects you can take on as a new or even an experienced DIY’er. Picking the right paint choice can be a huge headache and if you have a partner/roommate/spouse/significant other weighing in on the issue, well things just got a little more complicated.

Cribbs Style - Professional Organizer, Mt. Pleasant, SC
So. Many. Choices.

For me, I typically don’t have a hard time visualizing what it will look like on the wall, but for my husband he’s more of a visual person. Before, we would buy a sample of paint and then slap it on the wall, but then it was there while we “lived” with it before we decided that it was the right choice. But then we’d have visitors and there would be all these paint squares painted sporadically on the walls. If you’re like us, there would be multiple paint squares on many walls because paint looks different in different light… You get the gist. Hot mess express. Then one day we found an amazing product that has changed our lives!

Cribbs Style - Professional Organizer, Mt. Pleasant, SC
Home Depot to the rescue!

SureSwatch is really easy to use. You simple paint on your color sample, remove the paper backing, and place it on your wall. Once you decide, you simply peal it off, or if you’re like us, you can move it to different locations. (“To the windoooooow… to the wall….” I couldn’t help myself.)  If you have many paint choices, like we did, I recommend cutting the pieces in half and writing the name of the paint color with a sharpie on the sheet. Then you won’t get confused as to what paint color is what and you’re not using all of the sheets at once, even though there are three in each pack.

Cribbs Style - Professional Organizer, Mt. Pleasant, SC
See, we like multiple options

The best part, if it takes you a long time to decide, like us, you can always take them down if you don’t want people to see what you’re planning. OR you can always make it a fun party game and have guests help you pick your color. 😉

Here’s another quick tip: Say for example you’re perusing Pinterest or a friend has paint color that you’re in love with but it’s carried by Benjamin Moore or Sherwin William, but you don’t have either one of those close to you, not a problem! Home Depot can pull the color codes from Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, etc and still get you that color with their paint. One. Stop. Shop. (Lowe’s does this too incase you don’t have a Home Depot close.)

Happy painting and happy weekend!!

You Gotta Know the Why

Lately I have been asked a lot why I decided to write a blog about organizing.  I should also begin that when I’m asked what I blog about I see people cringe and appear repulsed almost instantaneously. I get it, really I do, but I figured this was a good time to give you a little of my back story as we’re getting to know one another. Bottom line, I love to organize, I always have. When I was younger I was OBSESSED with my school planners, color coding, planning my school projects; the whole nine yards.  As I’ve gotten older, organizing has taken on a whole new meaning.  First when we had our own place, and again when we started having kids. Nothing felt better than pulling everything out, sorting through it, and purging it to my little hearts content.  When cleaning up everything had it’s “home” where it belonged. *loving sigh*

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